As high school athletes, we were once in your shoes. Lost, trying to figure things out without any guidance. Through trial and error within our own lives, we finally discovered the formula behind being a successful athlete. We applied this same formula to our collegiate careers and dominated within our tenures with all conference, all American honors, and National championships. Now we have dedicate our lives to teaching that same formula to younger athletes, and showing them that success starts in the OFFSZN. 


Our mission is to provide young athletes with the mentality, guidance, and skill set to achieve their goals. Our duty is to impact as many young athletes as possible. 

“If you’re not making someone else’s life better than you’re wasting your time.” We also want to provide our customers with high-quality sportswear, equipment, and many other products. 


We plan to be one of the leading sports brands in the world. Providing athletes with elite level training and customer high quality products.

Our financial success will fund our community efforts. We plan to provide scholarship opportunities for students around the world. We also want to develop programs that teach trades, and introduce students to different career paths.

As community service being one of our foundations, we want to give cash funding to families in need, and underfunded sports programs. Our biggest vision is an OFFSZN athletic facility.  This facility will be used to teach, inspire, and educate our youth.